WQ time series data form not working

Hi, professor I don’t know WQ time series data format. do not working browse[ file tools- import data - browser- ok(this button not working)] data form like “ex)” this format right ? ex) time CHC 0 0.123 1 1.235 2 3.254 3 4.546 … please any help! thank you Attached files

Hi your format seems right. But depending on what format you have you should choose the appropriate option in data format. The data that you have loaded in the form seems different from your format that you have shown.

Can you check the first line of your data and see if it matches with the first line that is reported by EE near the bottom of the form? Looking at the form itself it looks you have chosen the right option to read your data. You can also click on Preview/Graph to see how your data looks like. If you still haven’t been able to resolve the issue please post the data and we will look into it to see which option should you use to read the data correctly.