Wind-Wave parameter

I have a hot potato to hope your answer. It is also the wind wave current in 2-D model. It sames that wind has little effect on the current in 2-D model, if the wind was small. And i set the different parameter to simulate, but the result is not sensitive. So can you tell me which parameter is sensitive to the wind-wave in the source code, which I can use the small wind to generate the circulation ?

Hi Hualei, have you read Item 1.3 “EFDC_DSI Windwave Submodel Development” here yet:

Yeah,I have read the Item and download the example “2.3 Wind Wave Test Case (Cox)”, i found that the maximum current velocity is less than 1cm/s after the model stability with the wind speed of 28m/s, i think i not reasonable, so i want to konw which parameter can improve the current velocity.
Hope your replying.

The only parameters that are sensitive to the current velocity in the wind wave model are wind speed, wind direction and the wind sheltering co-efficient. The issue for you is probably that your measured data is land based and the conversion you are applying for the open surface water with lower surface roughness may not be sufficient. Adjusting the wind sheltering co-efficient should bring the current velocity into line with expected values.

Thank you for you answer.
So, how can I change the wind sheltering, in the user interface or in the source code?
I found the wind sheltering frame in the interface, does the value has an appropriate scope?

The wind sheltering coefficient should be applied in the ViewPlan | Viewing Options | Fixed Parameters | Wind Shelter.

Typically 1.0 is the default value. The concept is that if there is a lot of vegetation or terrain sheltering then the value can go down to as low as 0. However, there are also legitimate reasons to go higher, with 1.5 or 2 not uncommon. This is due to the wind speeds over water often being higher than over land.

refer to the following papers for more information:

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