Wind series boundary conditions

Wind can increase velocity, but where is the equation about wind flow?

Winds may be set as a boundary condition with the wser.inp time series file. You can refer to the EFDC manuals for details as to how EFDC handles this: EFDC Model Documents , in particular, the Hydrodynamics & Mass Transport Manual and the User Manual EPA Ver-101. It should also be noted that EFDC_DSI now implements an internal windwave module. With this module the user may externally link the model in order to determine wave effects, or alternatively, EFDC_Explorer can internally generate the bedshear stress associated with wind generated waves: Windwave model

thank u for your reply, the last question, can you tell me the format of Gwser.inp, and the meaning of every parameter in it?

This question is best answered in the thread on groundwater - please refer to this thread: what’s the format of GWser.inp for EE?