Wind direction

Hi EFDC team and users,

I just would like to verify the use of angles in wind direction, I got confused.

What is the angle to use, say the wind is coming from the East towards West? Is it 90 or 270?

Thank you very much.


(1) I want to use “C ** 1 DIRECTION FROM”. Because I don’t find the icon to modify “ISWDINT” in EE, so I set “ISWDINT = 1” directly in the wser.inp (Fig1). However, in EE, it still is “wind towards” (Fig2), which do not change at all. When I save the model, the " wser.inp"'s ISWDINT becomes “0” again. How can I change this value successfully?(2) I have wind series that is: wind direction is “degrees clockwise from north”. What type should I choose with no change in the raw data? For example, if I input “90” directly (ISWDINT = 0 by default), the wind is from west to north (Fig3). So what I should determine is whether this wind data is “from” or “towards”. Is it right?