Which computer system works best with EFDC_Explorer?

Dear EE Team,

Can you please recommend for me the best computer system for running EFDC_Explorer6?



Dear User,

With respect to which system would work best with the EFDC_DSI/EE6 modeling system our response is as follows:

• Modern Intel i5 and i7’s as well as Xeon systems all work fine. The faster the CPU speed the better.
• The single threaded version of EFDC_DSI works fine on an AMD system, but for the OMP (multi-threaded) version you should buy Intel systems.
• If you are planning on purchasing the OMP version of EFDC_DSI then going with a CPU with as many cores as possible would be good. We have used systems with 24 threads (12 cores) using multiple Xeon chips. The more threads/cores the better.
• Memory is not particularly critical as the memory for the EFDC_DSI model is dynamically allocated and most models take <250K of RAM. Four or 8 gigabytes should be plenty of memory for most modeling systems.


EFDC_Explorer Development Team