Where to set "Shear strength" for each bed layers; Confusion sediment ViewPlan

[Question 1]:I want to set each bed layers’ shear strength because I find its value increases with the depth (Fig1). Howerver, I only know we can modify “porisity” for each layer (Fig2). I don’t know where is the “bed layer’s shear strength”, where can I set this parameter? [Question 2]:In ViewPlan, I have two confusions. (1) I think the bed layer 6 is the upmost layer to interact with water layer 1 (Fig2). Howerver, in Fig3, you can see the bed top layer is “5” instead of “6” even at the beginning. Where is Layer 6?(2) Take “thickness” in bed layer 5 as an example (Fig4). You can see that the legend said that thickness is from 0 to 1329.9m, while the time series of this cell seems is 0.50 m (also confused because I set the initial thickness as 0.05m, see Fig2).Its spatial distribution is also confusing, because I set the uniform bed, while it displys some cells as 0m, some as 1329.94m (Fig5).

Fig5 is attached here.