Whats the format of GWser.inp for EE?

Can anybody tell me the format of Gwser.inp? if water go out of the model by groundwater, do toxics or contaminants, such as COD, TP, NH3N, will dispear with water?

Sorry for the delay in replying. GWSEEP is predominantly a loss term – whereas GWSER allows concentrations. We haven’t used this functionality for some time and are doing some testing. However, it does seems that GWSER currently doesn’t function with WQ – ie you can bring water into the WQ model but it will be with zero concentrations and be diluting the cell.

As a more flexible method, we recommend that you use QWSER as that is fully functional with all constituents. In this way you can take the flow rates and modify them using the Flow Multiplier Switch - if you use Lateral IN/Outflow it uses the cell area and you can then select flux rate. If modeling groundwater you should then put everything in through the bottom layer.