What if WQ datas are missing on boundary condition?

Hello professor,
I have 6 water quality indexes, but one of them don’t have datas on the station of boundary. There are other 10 stations in the middle of my study area, and we have the data of these stations. Is the data on the station of boundary condition necessary? What can I do to simulate the index if we does not have its time series on the boundary? Can I use the mean value of the other 10 stations in the middle to replace? or do you have some better suggestions?
Thank you very much!

Hello Ravina,

If you don’t have the measured WQ data at one of the stations, you can check the near by stations and use the measured data at that station for your preliminary model boundary. However, that data might not be well representative enough. You can then calibrate the WQ data at other stations to verify whether the boundary you used is reasonable enough or not. Based on that you can modify your boundary conditions and try to get the good match with the observed data. Calibration is an iterative process and you need to pay attention more especially when you don’t have measured data at boundary. Good luck.