Wetting and Drying

Hi EFDC Users,

I would like to ask how to determine the correct values to be used under the “Wetting and Drying” Conditions.

Thank you very much for this forum.



I think using the right values for "Wetting and Drying " conditions depends on the problem you are working on. If you think, during the simulation period, some of your cells may be dry i.e there will be no water then you should use “Wetting and Drying”. For this, you need to specify the flag where you would tell the model what type of wetting and drying scheme you want to choose. There are several options that can be considered and details on this can be found on “efdc.inp” file. Please look card “C5” and look on “ISDRY”. You can choose flag -99 for most of your applications.

Then you need to specify dry depth (HDRY) and wet depth (HWET) in card C11. You need to make sure HWET is greater than HDRY for the wetting and drying. You can also specify the dry step to change the dry cell to wet cell.

I hope this helps you to get started on drying and wetting applications.

Janesh Devkota