Water quality

There are 22 water quality parameters in EFDC. But only 13 parameters data can be obtained.Then how to deal with the water quality boundary conditions in the parameters without data, or do not need to input?

Hi Nick,I’m not sure what do you mean “only data of 13 parameters can be obtained”. How many results you can get depends on how many data you set in EE.EE allows the user to set up full 21 parameters (without macroalgae) in either constant or spatially varying for the initial condition.For boundary conditions, the user can also set up a full 21 parameters time series.Users can retrieve all parameters result in “View Plan” or “View Slice” with proper model settings.Please respond below if you need further clarification!Thank you.Szu-Ting Lee

Thank you for your response. So can I set less than 21 parameters for initial condition and boundary condition?And if the parameter data that is not set needs to be set to zero?

Yes, users can set those parameters to zero for both initial conditions and boundary conditions.For boundary condition, EE set concentration to 0 as default for time series, so you can focus on setting interested parameters.