Water quality simulation

Hi, Dear EE specialists,
This is Sophie and I have some question about water quality simulation. Could you please help we with that?
1. About chla simulation. Right now I have the different type of Algae’s concentration (chla ug/L). So I multiply 0.065(0.015~0.1) to convert it into C mg/L. Is it reasonable?
2. For another time period, I just have Chla’s data, no Algae. In the previous training, I got a document about referred multiplier factor which notes that Chla could convert into Green Algae by multiplying 0.065. Does that mean we could treat chla as Green Algae(without the other type of Algae) to simulate it? Why?
I would be appreciated with your help.
Thanks a lot!

Hi Sophie,

Using a multiplication factor of 0.065 is a reasonable approximation to represent green algae. There are different compartments for different algae classes. If you have no other information about the chlorophyll data and where / how the data were measured and no field notes then it is a safe assumption. You will be trying to use one parameter to actually mimic different species in the system.