Water quality file output

I would like to ask you about EFDC using some of the problems that about water quality file output,WQWCTS.OUT.

We should adjust the output file which parameters? It’s EFDC.INP and WQ3DWC.INP?

I hope you help us to solve!



Hello Elvira,

I am not sure if I fully understood your question. Are you trying to ask how to output water quality file (WQWCTS.OUT) ? There is an example in EFDC Explorer site about water quality model which has all the input files that are required to run. After you run that model you can see the water quality output file (WQWCTS.OUT) generated.

If this doesn’t help you with your problem, would you be more specific on what problem you have encountered ?



We aren’t really clear why you want to get output from WQWCTS.OUT. That is a legacy output file and is not currently supported. It will be removed in future releases of EE. EE users should use the post-processing tools in EE to visualize and extract the output data from EFDC. Note that you can also directly extract the output with the GetEFDC tool. This extracts the binary files into ASCII and can be downloaded here as item 1.0 under “Utilities”: https://www.eemodelingsystem.com/user-center/downloads Note that the limit of 23 is for water quality constituents. It is not related to the number of cells in the model.