Water Level and Water Temperature parameters calibration

I would like to ask because the simulated values of my water level and water temperature are higher than the measured values.Which parameters need to be adjusted to improve the simulation results?I am looking forward to your answer. Thank you very much!

Like this file

and this water temperature file

The water levels here are unusual. We would need to see the model to determine the issue. You can upload it here or send to support@eemodelingsystem.com and someone will try to have a look at it if time permits.

Here is the model.Hope we can find the ways to improve the simulation.Do you need the observed water level data?

We looked at your model and see that there is an issue with the water balance, which explains the rising water levels. See the image below.

How can I improve this situation?

I just guessed the problem of imbalance water comes from the input rainfall and evaporation rate which are in the ACER files. Please re-check that.