Wasp7 link problem

I want to link efdc and wasp7.3, I have run the efdc model successfully, and output the *.hyd file, the ISWASP=17. But when I creat a new wasp project and use the hydlinkage to import a hydfil, it seems that wasp can`t read the HYD file correctly. The wasp windows show
Hydrodynamic File Summary Information
Hydro Linkage File:…
Start Date and Time forHydrodynamic File:0/0/0 0:00:00
The segment and time variable seems not read in.

Thank you.

Have you tried running the two example problems on this website and followed the detailed instructions on how to create the EFDC.WSP file? They are items 1.7 and 2.10 here: https://www.eemodelingsystem.com/user-center/modeling-resources/test-case-models