WASP hyd file linkage in 10.2

While I plan to use the built in water quality module, I have a need to generate a wasp “.hyd” file linkage to export hydrodynamics for use in an external water quality model. I see from the 10.1 user guide that export of a WASP linkage file is not incorporated into version 10.1. Is this a feature that might be available soon? Is reverting back to version 8 and following the technical document instructions for generating a .hyd file the only option at this point?

Sorry, but there is no immediate plan to support WASP in EEMS10. If you want to create the .hyd file it is recommended you use the EEMS8 series. Using EEMS10 you can save as an EE8.5 file.

Ok, thank you. I will reinstall and work with 8.5

UPDATE: We are currently implementing an updated linkage routine for WASP8. We expect this to be available in the next release of EEMS.