Values change

In running a series of models, I see that some of the values defined via the GUI or a text editor, can change. For example the EFDC restart option tends to change as do values in the algal stoichiometry. Has anyone else had this issue?


Regarding WQ models, one user has pointed out a similar issue related to the file WQ3DWC.INP. When they use a text editor to change all the values in C30 from 1 to 0, then open the model in EE and save it, these values revert to 1 again.

The reason for this is that EE checks C30 parameters again when reading the WQ Open BC Series(CWQSRxx.inp). This means the when the user changes C30 they should also change the WQ Open BC Series. There may be other similar examples of this behavior. If this case doesn’t address your question please let us know the specific files and card numbers that you are concerned about and we will try to determine the cause.

As you pointed out by email, if we manually edit the value for SOLRCVT in ASER.INP from a value other than 1, then save EE, the value reverts to 1. The reason is that if you manually edit the conversion factor to something other than 1, EE will apply that conversion factor to the values, but when you save it back out EE will change the conversion factor back to the “recommended” value of 1.

After your follow up email we also found a bug in EE8.2.0 for light extinction coefficients. These are located in two places in the EE Forms, namely WQ > Algae > Light Extinction tabs, and Temperature > Surface Heat Exchange tabs, and when one is updated it doesn’t update the other location. This has been fixed and will be available in the next update of EE. Thanks for pointing that out that issue to us.