Use Withdrawal/Return to simulate the pumping station situation

1When my grid exceeds 10,000, EFDC_Explorer will crash when I enter time Variable Series in Withdrawal/Return Boundary Conditions.
2Can EFDC Build 1D River Model and 2D Lake Model at the same time?

Sorry, I thought we replied to this earlier. We tested the models with EE10.3.2 release and found that they are working normally, I have attached 2 pictures you can see for reference.

  • Figure 1: left panel is 2DH of WSE and Dye of the original model displayed at time 4 after the model run. The right panel model uses a restart file on day 4. you can see that the value of Dye and WSE are the same,
    I don’t know which component you are referring to the 0 value.
  • Figure 2: Setting up the hydraulic structure. I tested the model with two boundaries upstream flow boundary and downstream open boundary,
    dye is assigned at the upstream boundary, and after few days of calculation has flowed to the downstream, so EEMS10.3.2 works normally.

Your model setup needs to check the water level upstream of the hydraulic structure is greater than 235m. If the water level in upstream is less than 235m, it is clear that water cannot through the structure