Use "Hwang&Mehta option" of Settling velocities, yet not changed in "efdc.inp"

I use original EFDC+ sediment transport approach, and I changed to the “Option 1: Hwang and Mehta(1989)” for settling velocities (Settling_flag.png). You can see the “flag” has already “1”. However, if I see it in “efdc.inp”, I find that it is still “IWRSP=0”, instead of “1” (Settling_inp.png). Could you tell me why “efdc.inp” didn’t change? I have saved the project before reading the “*.inp”.In addition, does the parameter of “a, b, m, n” in Hwang & Mehta option cannot be changed? I didn’t find where can we edit these values.

Thanks for alerting us to this. We will look into this further as it may be a bug.