Time series salinity calibration

I simulate the time series salinity for Western Johor Strait, Malaysia in October 2009. I cant get the good agreement of the salinity calibration. What is the parameters that effect the calibration results. I run it for 5 layers, with salinity initial condition 20 ppt, salinity at open boundary 30 ppt, salinity at upstream boundary 0.1 ppt. I play around with the vertical eddy viscosity with 0.01, 0.001 and 1E-06 m2/s. Thank you. Attached files

Hi maznah,

1. First and foremost i would encourage you to go back and see if you are using good salinity boundary condition.
2. Check if enough freshwater is coming into the system. Looks like your model is consistently under predicting the salinity.
3. At what depth your salinity was measured ? Did you compare the surface and bottom salinity to the measured data ? If the measured data is near the bottom, you should compare with first layer.
4. If the study area is highly stratified then you could decrease vertical diffusiviity.
5. How far is your open boundary from the study domain ? Did you specify salinity at open boundary 30 ppt based on measured data ? if it is an arbitrary it’s worth to run a model with 28 or 25 ppt to see if that has any impact.
6. Is your open boundary elevation measured ?

So, there are a lot of places you could refer to improve your salinity calibration.