Time series plotting of flow discharge

Hi all,

I’m having problem plotting the flow discharge. In view plan option, even though I select the “show flow” and then plot the time series, it shows me the velocity (m/s) not discharge (m3/s).

Another problem is when I plot the velocity, I select the “Depth Avg” and then plot it, but it still shows me the velocity at a specific layer not the depth average (even the legend is depth average but it’s not!).


Hi Amir, can you please let us know which version and release date of EE you are having this issue with?

I’m using EE 7.1 but I don’t know the release time. I just updated and got the latest version of EE7.1 but my problem got worse, this time it doesn’t show neither velocity nor flow time series.

There may be a bug in EE7.1 relating to the selecting the display of depth average instead of layers for velocity time series. We have checked it in later releases and it doesn’t demonstrate this problem. Unfortunately we do not provide bug fixes for releases prior to one before the most recent. We are now in release of EE7.3 and providing bug fixes for EE7.2, but not for earlier releases.

In terms of the issue for “show flow” - it is true that EE doesn’t show the time series for flow for an individual cell even though this option is selected - this is because we don’t think it would be of interest to most users. In EE7.2 and EE7.3 nothing is displayed when this option is selected. It is recommended to instead use the flux tool to calculate the time series of flow over two or more cells.