Time Series of Vertical Velocities

EFDC provides options for outputting the U and V time series on files u3dtmsrNN.out and
v3dtmsrNN.out via Card 87 in efdc.imp. How does one obtain the corresponding W time series?

Hello dchin,

I would suggest using EE interface to plot your velocity time series. It is very convenient to output the velocity time series in X, Y and Z directions i.e vx, vy and vz. EE saves the output at each and every grid cells. So, when your simulation is complete, go to the “View 2D Plan” ==> Viewing Opt’s ==> Velocities. When you are in velocities options, then you can choose either vectors, magnitudes which represent the velocity components. However, you can also choose “Vertical Vel” option and click on time series option then the time series at the particular cell of interest will be plotted.

I hope it helps.