Tidal boundary condtion

We are currently using EFDC with a tide boundary along the western model boundary. We are using tidal constituents to calculate tidal elevations along the boundary. Is it possible to get EFDC to read in tide data that has been measured or generated externally from a file? If so, how can I do this please?RegardsMike

It certainly is. You can set up a time series for open boundaries using the pser.inp file.If you are using EFDC_Explorer, you can follow the steps here (rather than selecting flow you would select water level): https://eemodelingsystem.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EK/pages/240386145/External+Forcing+DataIf you want to see the file format that EFDC_Explorer will read you can look at this page: https://eemodelingsystem.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/EK/pages/243630365/Appendix+B+-+Data+FormatsLet me know if you have further questions.