Tidal boundary condition problem

I need you to help me with a problem of tidal boundary condition. I’m trying to simulate the hydrodynamics of a coastal lagoon and its adjacent sea area (see attached figures). In the marine area I’m placing an open boundary North, including the tidal constituents (see screenshot). For some reason, in a cell of the boundary, the model calculates extremely high velocities. I do not know why this happens, nor how to fix it. What can I do in this case? Attached files

Hi Frant,

There is not much details about your model at this point. But the first thing you might want to check is if you have assigned boundary condition to all the cells. Usually people forget to assign boundary condition to all the cells. Make sure to click on “Set All”. Please let me know if it doesn’t solve your problem.

Janesh Devkota

Hi Janesh.
Yes, I took care of that. I’m running the model again and it’s the same situation, the problem persists.
I’m sending you the complete model to your mail.

Thank you for your help.