The water temperature is not calibrated

Currently, I constructed a grid for Daecheong Reservoir in Korea, and after completing the water level correction, I am conducting water temperature correction.However, when the model is rotated with input data, the temperature of the grid increases rapidly.I want you to tell me how to solve the problem.Attached is a picture of the setting value and the phenomenon.

Please check or try some of the following changes:
Check data series of humidity or solar radiation in aser.inp file
Check the water temperature data series you have set in the model to see if it is reasonable
Try changing some of the coefficients:
Clear Water Light Extinction Coeff to 10
Initial Bed temp to 6
and Correct Lattitude value
then rerun the model, if you still get the error of abnormal temperature rise you can upload the model on the forum I can see the settings on your model