The spatially varying flux

In “Specified spatially/Temporally varying fluxes”, I divide the study areas into 5 mud zones and set the percent mud as 100, which means I only consider the mud zone. But EE view pans only show a constant sediment flux in all zones. When I added the sand zone maps (5 zones same as mud zone), the EE could display the varying flux in spatial zones.
Question 1): how to understand the realtionship of mud zone and sand zone in sediment? Is them mixed by specific ratio or arranged upper-lower layers?
Question 2): In the process of sediment flux, does the sand zone and mud zone affect nutrient concentration in same way or not?

Sorry, this is quite a complicated question. We will need to look into the code as the implementation in EFDC is not straightforward. We try to get back to you as soon as we can.