The spacing between each seed with the Delta Y and Delta Y

Hi, I want to know the role of the Delta X and Delta Y in simulating the Langrangian Particle, how to set the Delta X and Delta Y reasonably?
by the way, so does the same question about the "The Distribute Release Dates " , Thank you.

DXDY, LXLY and CELL files define the 3D spatial domain. The DSI version of EFDC computes a Lagrangian velocity vector for each particle using the U, V and W cell face velocity results for each time step and computes the particle trajectory and distance for the current time step. The “Distribute Release Dates” allows to user to control when particles become activated. If all particles in a group are released at the same time, then you don’t need to activate the “Distribute Release Dates” option. If you want particles to continuously be released into the domain, use the release date option to spread the number of particles over a user specified time period. There is no defined Delta X and Delta Y specifically for the particles. The user only specifies the initial position by specifying the horizontal and vertical coordinates. However, the main EFDC velocities, U,V and W are based on the Delta X and Y spacing. So the larger the DX/DY, the less velocity field resolution is available. More information is available here: