The issue referred to the linkage to the WASP

I use the EFDC to create the .hyd file, but after i created the efdc.wsp file and then run the EFDC model, which poped up the causion that "The number of WASP FLOWS in your application 118714 is greater than the array dimension: 31000.” Thank you. Can you tell me how to resolve this problem?

Hi Xiaofeng,We recommend you work through these two examples to help you with the process.WASP7-EFDC+Linkage+1D+River+ExampleWASP7-EFDC+Linkage+3D+Lake+ExampleWe have tested these and they work fine with EE8.3. As you told me, the cell size in your model may be causing the issue, as increasing the cell size causes the model to run ok. We support WASP to the degree that it runs these example models, however, we recommend using the WQ sub-model in EEMS for speed and reliability.