Temporally/spatially varying sediment flux

I am using the specified spatially/temporally varying flux option under sediment flux under water quality module, I want to only use temporally varying input, so I set different block time for my simulation, is it work like: first block time start from 0 until the next block time value (e.g. 20), and next block time start from 20 until the next value replace it? also, is the unit of time in days for the block time? it didn’t work well with my computer. it seems the system follows my first block time settings and didn’t change at all.

Hi qingyan4

You can refer to the configure process Temporally/spatially varying sediment flux at the following link:

If you only set different block times, the flux rate time blocks will be represented in the wqbenflx.inp file, and EFDC+ will use these time blocks when simulating.

The unit of time in days for the block time is day.


Hi BMHoa,
I am not sure if it is a bug or if I set something wrong. My computer still cannot get the proper setting. I have attached a screenshot of my settings. This is just a test; I want the spatial settings to remain constant, and I didn’t change that. I divided the temporal time into 3 blocks and set different values for NH4 and PO4 at 0, 20, and 40. However, the time series plot shows that the values didn’t change from the initial value.
I also checked the wqbenflx.inp file, and it looks coded correctly to me. I didn’t see any problems. Why is my EFDC model not working as expected?

Thank you,


I think there is a bug with the EEMS time series display, this is not completely noticed, we will fix this in the upcoming release.
However I believe the EFDC+ is working properly with the time block settings, this is shown on the 2DH, you can see the values are changing according to the block times on the 2DH that I have set, You can see details in the attached images below with the rectangular boxes marked in red.

Please see how your settings are displayed on 2DH