Temperature simulation problem

Hello professor,
The depth of my study area is 10-30m, and I divided it into 3 layers. However, the simulated temperature of each layer is of little difference while the measured temperature of each layer is obviously stratified. As a result, the simulated and measured T matched very well in layer 2, while the simulated T is lower than measured T in layer 3 and higher than measured T in layer 1.
If I want to increase the T gap between each layer, what parameter I should adjust?
Thank you very much!

Hello Ravina,

First of all you need to ensure at what depths the temperature were measured. I think 3 layer for a study area with 10-30 m is not enough. You might want to change your layer number to 6 or up to 10 and then see if you will see any stratification or not.

If you want more stratification in your model, you can change AVO and ABO from hydrodynamics tab.
Hydrodynamics --> General --> Modify – > Turbulent diffusion --> Vertical eddy viscosity (AVO) and Vertical molecular diffusivity (ABO).