Supported Operating Systems

Does the modeling software run on the Windows Server 2016 operating system?

Although we haven’t tested with this version ourselves, we believe it should work. Please let us know if you have any issues with this and we will try to help troubleshoot.

One of our modeling scientists has installed the trial version on the 2016 server that they use as a shared modeling platform. He can’t get past the login screen. It works fine on his Windows 10 laptop.

Neil,If you like, you can send a ticket to about this. We can will try to support you further.Tom

I sent an email to, but I have not received any acknowledgement or any case tracking number.

We have tested EEMS10 on Windows Server 2016 and didn’t find any issues. We believe the issue is caused by a firewall on your system. Can you please try turning off the firewall while you activate?

Is there a particular URL, IP Address and port number that the phone-home login prompt needs to reach? Our firewall rules allow outbound connections to be initiated to the internet. I will test to see that we can reach