Still have problem in restart run

Dear EFDC Team,
I have created restart file to restart from the point at which the run terminated as instructed. I still have problems as follow :
1. First I must open the restart.inp file by select ‘set files’ button. But I can not find the restart.inp file.
1. When in the first i open the restart.out file in the #output folder by select ‘set files’ button, then i can find restart.inp file. Then I open restart.inp file and run the restart model. But i find the datas that are used in restart model is not from the point at which the run terminated. Datas are from the initial condition. Example :
Initial data (time1) : depth = 10.23 m
terminated data ( time 120) : depth = 17.5 m
restart data (time 120) : depth = 10.23 m ( Ithink the depth must be 17.5 m)
What do you think about that? Do you have any suggestions ?
Thank you for your answer.

Hello Dyah,

Can you send your example so that we can look into it ? It is sometimes nice to replicate the issue that you are having to suggest better.


Hello Dyah,

I haven’t gone through your model in great details but looking at your model grid and number of dry / wet cells the best option might be to create a new model from the last snapshot. Let me explain clearly what I mean by creating a new model from the last snapshot.

For example, you run your model from Julian day 142.71 to 150.71 i.e. for 8 days. Now, after the 8 days of simulation, go to the “Viewing Options” in EFDC model. Under viewing options you can choose any parameters. Then go to the last time step by using the scroll bar below the “timing” label. After you are able to look at the model results for the final time, look at the menu options at top and hover on items and find “Create a new model from current model @ current time”. Then EE would prompt a window where you can save your model.

Now, compare your final results of the run 1 and initial conditions of run 2. They will exactly be the same. Only thing that will not get transferred is the velocity fields.

Let me know if this works for you.

Janesh Devkota

Thank you, your suggestions resolve my problem.