Statistical analysis of NO3 flux

Does the active cell area in the statistical analysis of NO3 flux in the diagenetic module represent the total area submerged by water? Is the average concentration based on the weight of the flooded area?

If the above area represents the total flooded area, why is it different from the statistics in the Wet/Dry option in the water levels module? What’s the difference?Thank you !

Which version of EEMS are you using? We couldn’t reproduce the issue you describe with EE8.3 or later.

EEMS 7.0, in addition, how is the boundary between wet and dry defined in the model? thank you!

When EE calculates these statistics, dry is defined as having a water level lower than the wet depth.

However, there appears to have been an incorrect calculation for that statistic in EE7. We recommend you upgrade to EE8 or EE11.

Okay, Thank you very much for your answers.Is there a way to directly derive the time series of NO3 weighted mean fluxes between water and sediment? (Flux from flooded area)

No, that is not possible with EE. If you are using EEMS11 you could extract the NetCDF files and post process them for this purpose.

Ok, thank you for your answer