I am using a machine with 8 core and 16GB RAM, Intel i7 CPU @3.41GHz. I found I am using only 15 percent of the CPU and the speed of the program is not what I expect, knowing that EE is structured for multhithread machines.


What type of model are you using to run the multi-threading ? How many grid cells do you have and how many vertical layers have you turned on ? Have you turned on any transport constituents such as temperature, dye, salinity etc. ? Also have you tried to run the model with single thread and multiple thread to see if you have any performance gain? The model would perform better if you have more layers, more constituents (salinity, temp, dye, sediment and water quality). If you can send your model to us, we will try to find why your model is running slow with multi-threading.

Janesh Devkota