Some question about tidal

I use fortran to compile a application for EFDC model,and i have some question about .inp file,
i have EFDC.inp and cell.inp、cellt.inp、dxdy.inp、lxly.inp、newdxdy.inp、newlxly.inp、pser.inp、show.inp for my EFDC model,i’m try to simlute a river in taiwan which have tide,i modify my EFDC.inp card 14 MTIDE parameter for my river’s tide number、card 15 give them symbol like M2、S2、N2…,and looking for river harmonic analysis period(unit s) and amplitude(in card 17,unit m),is phase(unit s) equal TBGIN(in card eight)? then,in card 18~21 my open boundaries all give them 1 on the NPFORS parameter which same as card 17 NPFOR and for my estuary NPSREW set 1(need pser.inp) ,but my result in selts.out(surface elevation、depth) don’t have tide cycle(maybe one day have a waveform or one day have 2 waveform ),just a little change for my surface elevation,can’t see the normal tide elevation cycle.
and i have a exsample about qser.inp(card 24 QSSE must be 0 and NQSERQ need input nuber same as qser.inp),i don’t know my format is correct or not,can you help me
i can’t to add attachment…,lot of question,sorry~

thank you!!


Which version of EFDC are you using ? Are you using EFDC_DSI or EFDC_EPA version ? It would be easier to diagnose what’s going on if you had your model uploaded here or somewhere. Send me your model on so that I could look at that and give you suggestions.

I would suggest you to use EFDC_Explorer to input data for tides, qser etc.

Janesh Devkota

I sent you an E-mail for my model.
thank for your answer