Some issues on the modelling of toxic

As detailed in Volume 2 of The Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code Theory and Computation, present EFDC adopts equilibrium assumption for the adsorption and desorption of contaminant. I think this assumption is not quite appropriate for the time to reach equilibrium between water dissolved and particulate sorbed contaminant turned out to be in the range “day to week” when the measuring is based on natural sediment. I’m wondering if a kinetic approach to describe the distribution of these two contaminant in different forms were more appropriate

Our understanding is that Mike and some other models use a kinetic formulation, as opposed to an equilibrium approach as currently in EFDC. At this stage, given all the other uncertainties, we feel this assumption is acceptable. However, if the kinetic processes are slow relative to the transport then this could have an impact. The EFDC code could be modified to allow for the kinetic approach but we would like to know a case for which it is required. Can you provide such an example please?