Some errors when running EFDC

When i runed EFDC after a while, several errors occured.
1.forrtl:severe<157>: Program Exception-access violation.
2.floating overflow.
3.floating are divided by zero.
what are the reasons of each error.
how i can solve these problem.

By the way, i am using EE to simulate water temperature.
what’s the radiation’s unit in aser.inp, what are the means of params REVC, RCHC, SWRATNF, SWRATNS,and their numeric areas?

Thank you.

Hi yawn,

Some of the errors you mentioned are caused due to incorrect initial / boundary conditions. So, I strongly suggest you to go a head and then check your boundary conditions and initial conditions. Second, thing you might check is your time step. Sometimes, if your time step is large, then the model cannot converge and can give errors such as floating invalid or floating divided by zero sth. like that. The unit of solar radiation in aser.inp is W/m2 . If you open your aser.inp in a notepad or any editor then you can see the description of the parameters such as REVC, RCHC, SWRATNF, SWRATNS in the file. Hope it helps.



Hi John,
Thank you for your help.
By the way, when did the error floating overflow occure? did it mean the model cannot converge,too?


No, you would get the error “Maximum iterations exceeded” if it was a convergence issue. It is most likely an IC or BC as John has said.

why my model can not ran ,it rans some time, after that just showing forrtl:error :floating overflow.

Hello binilichen,

There are 2 probable reasons that your model doesn’t run

1) Time step : See if decreasing your time step helps to run the model

2) Check your input data: See if there is any problem in your input data. Most likely in the time series file.