Solar radiation shading factor

Hi EFDC Development Team,

I am wondering if solar radiation shading factor is same as the solar radiation multiplied by some constant ? Suppose I have only one atmospheric series (aser.inp) then if I choose the solar radiation factor to 0.5 what do it mean ? Would you please let me know as soon as possible.

I have the same question with the wind sheltering coefficient. What is the physical meaning of this ? The model would give two different results if I use wind sheltering coefficient as 0.5 and on another run if I multiply the original wind speed by 0.5. Would you give me some suggestion on this ? Thank you.


Hi John, Yes, it is just a multiplier. So if you have an input value of 800 W/m2 and a shading factor of 1 is then the effective solar radiation is 800.

This is the same for wind sheltering coefficient. But you may also apply this coefficient so that it is spatially variable and can thereby vary across model domain on a cell by cell basis.