Simulation of Chla

Hello Professor,
I want to simulate the Chla in water, but the Chla is not included in the 21 measures of water quality such as DO/TP.Where can I set the time series of my Chla data? or I can just edit time series of Chla as “Cyanobacteria”?
What if I have some other water quality indicator beyond the 21 in the model,for example soluble reactive phosphorus, total Kjeldahl nitrogen and chloride,etc. Where can I edit their time series?
It will be very kind of you to show me a printscreen so that I can understand more clearly.
I am looking forward to your answer, thank you very much!


Chlorophyll a is derived parameter in EFDC and has always been available for viewing in EE as shown in this link on our site: You can download this example model to help you with learning how EFDC WQ works. We also recommend you attend a training on EFDC_Explorer. There are several coming up in the US and China:

I have noticed that Chlorophyll a is derived parameter in EFDC, and there are 15 derived WQ parameters in total(Figure 1). There are 22 basic water quality from code 801 to 822, and we can simple edit there time series in the window as shown in Figure 2.
In my understanding, the derived parameters are concerned with the basic 22 parameters, maybe the derived ones can be calculated by the basic ones. so we only need to edit the basic 22 parameters. Is my understanding correct or not?
But if we only need to edit the basic 22 parameters, than the results are shown with code 801 to 822. What does the code 823 to 855 used for?
Or maybe we have somewhere else to edit the time series of derived parameters? If so , could you please show me a printsreen of where to edit.

Yes, the 22 EFDC WQ State Variables are used to calculate (ie derive) the derived parameters. There are no time series for the derived parameters. The parameter codes are used for selecting which model result time series you want in the calibration plots (Model Analysis Tab > Model Calibration Tab > Time Series Comparisons frame > Define/Edit button > Param column).