Simulation failing with this Error: SSEDTOX: HP(L) 0


I'm a new EFDC_Explorer user. I am trying to simulate a very simple case. There is a rectangle of size 130*45 m with 10 cm resolution. Water depth is 2m, and I have 5 meters non-cohesive sediment (1 layer). There is an inflow across the width (45 m) from upstream equal to 74 cm/s, and the same amount of outflow from the width downstream (assuming that flow is uniformly distributed, the velocity is about 0.8 m/s). However, the simulations are failing with the following error: SSEDTOX: HP(L) < 0. Could anyone please help me to figure out where the problem is? I look forward to your answer. Thank you very much in advance.


Hi Yuan,

What is the time step you are using in your model ? Is it possible to share your model to see what's going on in your model ?