Simulating Chloride

Hi there,

i want to simulate Chloride in water. However, I could not find this parameter in Water Quality Module. Can anyone tell me how to model it in EE/EFDC?


Hi Emily,

You could model chloride two ways in EFDC model.
1. If the chloride concentration is low, then you could use the dye module to represent the chloride in the model. So, the concentrations simulated using dye would be your chloride concentration.
2. However, if the chloride concentration is high, and it affects the density we recommend using salinity as your chloride. EFDC / EE would report salinity but you will have to post process that as a chloride. You might need to adjust for the salinity annotations in EE and change to chlorides.

I hope this helps.


Janesh Devkota

Do you know what would be considered a high and low concentration of chloride for this purpose?