Shading and wind sheltering

I calibrated my model (EFDC+ 8.2, full heat balance with variable extinction coefficients) for temperature using both wind sheltering and shade factors, and measured solar radiation. Now I see that the shade factor check box is un-checked, and shade factors are re-set to 1 for all cells. Although EE lets me modify the shade factors, when I save the model my edits are gone and the Shade factor box is un-checked again. I was wondering if there is something that prohibits using both wind sheltering and shading, or if shade factors are inactive for measured solar radiation. Also, perhaps you could tell me what input text files store the shading factors.

Sorry for not responding sooner. There does appear to be a bug associated with this feature. We will look to fix it in the next update, EE8.3.1. In the meantime you may need to shading manually using C46C. The shading values are contained in the file pshade.inp which you may also need to manually edit. Wind sheltering is in the lxly.inp file.