Setting initial conditions with vertical profiles

I am failing to succeed in setting the inital conditions with VP. The program appears to use only the first profile in the xyz file. I’m attaching a test model (conditions for dye) if you could test it. This happend to me with EE8.0 and I today updated to newest EE8.1 but the problem is still present.

Start of the xzy file is:
551897 7113131 2
556137 7114943 3

A work around would be to use ‘Use point measurements/gridded data’ for each layer separately but for a sigma grid this is a bit laborious for large model areas with noticable depth variations.

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Hi there, I looked to your model and i could not find any problem with EE to assign the vertical profiles that you provided. Please note that the EE will do the spacial interpolation of those profiles for the entire model domain to assign it for the initial condition. Hope this helps, // Tinh Attached files

Thank you for your reply. The problem is that I still can’t get it to work. I tried it once again with the files I sent you. Attached is a description of what I get and the model after saving. The ‘dye.inp’ contains the erraneous values.

Could you kindly send me the files you generated for inspection and testing with my machine. I mean, the program has in some cases done some ‘interpolation’ if not totally convincing.

Like with the ‘’ that contains values for more surroungin lakes. In this case the lake (Nuasjarvi) gets assigned areally constant 18 mg/l for layers 1 to 5 and 15.53 mg/l for layer 6 (18 happens to be the bottom concntration and 15.0 surface concentration of the first profile for an ‘outside’ lake). The profiles in Nuasjarvi do not alter the concentration. That is why I beleive the program only reads the first profile.

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Hi Tinh

I replied to your yahoo mail.

BR, Heimo

As we discussed with you by email, EE currently requires a minimum of 3 points in the vertical profile. We will make EE provide a user warning about this in future.