Sensitive parameters in water quality module

Hi, I am a student using EFDC for modeling water quality in wetlands. I am now facing the problems of doing sensitivity analysis and calibration. there are about 50 parameters in light extinction, fecal coliform, temperature, N, P, COD/DO. Also, I planned to simulate 4 types of algae in the model and each of them brings about 30 parameters. So i am facing more than 100 parameters. Except just doing it one by one, is there common knowledge of some ‘sensitive parameters’ to help me narrow down the selections and hopefully get some ranges and reference values?
I read some papers but none of them introduced their sensitivity analysis procedure detailly and also none of them gave the full list of parameters they used in sensitivity analysis (the selected parameters are different from my version). I am using version 10.3, so please feel free to share your suggestions, papers, or links. Thank you

Hi Qingyan,

Thank you for your question. The most important parameters to look at are in the main tabs in the Biota form. The growth factors associated with temperature are sensitive, including optimal temperature. Also, the metabolism rate should be adjusted. For the nutrient fractions, we would suggest you leave them at the default values.