Sedrough.inp (ISBEDSTR=3)

Has anyone on the forum ever used this option? I am just curious if this is set up to work with EE and what people’s experience with this option has been. Thanks!Jacob

Hi Jacob,We haven’t used ISBEDSTR = 3 for anything yet, but the options should work. If you have EE that will help get the sedrough.inp file set up correctly.If you have any troubles or encounter a bug with this option, please let us know.Thank you,Tom

Hi Tom,We are using a very old version (EE 7.1) but have had trouble with this option. We have a model that sometimes runs and sometimes crashes immediately with either “bad roughness in sedrough.inp” or “floating invalid.” There is no obvious rhyme or reason for when the model runs successfully and when it crashes. With another ISBEDSTR option, the model always runs.I’m not sure if this would still be true with the most updated versions of EFDC+.Might be worth looking into, though.Best, Jacob

Hi Jacob,Try out EFDC+ 8.5. You can get it for free now from our Github site:

Hi Tom,With EFDC+ 8.5 (awesome!), the model does not seem to work with ISBEDSTR=3. With the Debug executable, I get the following error: forrtl: severe (408): fort: (10): Subscript #1 of the array ZBRSED has value 2 which is greater than the upper bound of 1Image PC Routine Line SourceEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF7720637C1 Unknown Unknown UnknownEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF76FF3EDFC input 2819 input.f90EFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF771CB7B77 MAIN__ 300 aaefdc.f90EFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF772148492 Unknown Unknown UnknownEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF7721490F4 Unknown Unknown UnknownEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF772149007 Unknown Unknown UnknownEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF772148ECE Unknown Unknown UnknownEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF772149109 Unknown Unknown UnknownKERNEL32.DLL 00007FFCBFB57974 Unknown Unknown Unknownntdll.dll 00007FFCC256A271 Unknown Unknown UnknownIts of course possible I have the sedrough.inp file set up incorrectly, but I don’t think so! Would you be able to try this option with one of your models and see if it works? I’d love to know if this is a bug or just an issue on my end! Thanks, Jacob

If it helps, I get the following error with the release version:forrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violationImage PC Routine Line SourceEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF6E43B38B2 Unknown Unknown UnknownEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF6E438F5D2 Unknown Unknown UnknownEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF6E436D181 Unknown Unknown UnknownEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF6E436BCF9 Unknown Unknown UnknownEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF6E3DC998C input 3767 input.f90EFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF6E42AAE54 MAIN__ 300 aaefdc.f90EFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF6E43F1C42 Unknown Unknown UnknownEFDCPlus_085_OMP_ 00007FF6E43F20C9 Unknown Unknown UnknownKERNEL32.DLL 00007FFCBFB57974 Unknown Unknown Unknownntdll.dll 00007FFCC256A271 Unknown Unknown UnknownOMP: Error #178: Function GetExitCodeThread() failed:OMP: System error #6: The handle is invalid.

Hi Jacob,Thanks for that information. Would you be able to attach a zip file with your model input files to your next message?We will take a look at these errors.Tom

Hi Tom- I’ve been working with a couple models, including a dummy sediment model I made starting with the Ohio River example. I’ve attached that one, which runs with ISBEDSTR =/= 3 and when ISBEDSTR=3 it gets the same error as above with the debug executable. Interestingly, it gets a different error with the release exe and in a different part of the code. Best, Jacob-

Hi Tom, just thought I’d bump this up to see if you’ve had a chance to take a look and see if I’m crazy or if this is indeed a bug!Best, Jacob

We have run your model with the newly release EEMS10.1 and it runs ok. We are not making bug fixes to EE8.5 so please upgrade to that and let us know if you still have issues.

Understood, thanks for testing! Jacob