Sediment Toxics initial conditions and the toxb.inp file

I am trying to specify the initial conditions for the sediment bed for five toxics. For each toxic, I am assigning an XYZ file (“Use Point Measurements/Gridded Data” option) to be interpolated by EFDC. However, after assigning the file and saving the project, the concentrations when viewed in the ViewPlan are off in order and magnitude. As a result, the corresponding toxb.inp file has incorrect concentrations.To get around this problem, I tried the following, but had the same result as above : 1) used an XYZ file that had concentrations at each grid and needed no interpolation 2) replaced the toxb.inp file with one that had all the required concentrations in the required format, and then opened the EFDC project so that the values may be updated3) assigned a constant concentration using the “Use Constant” option, as a last resort to see whether the program atleast takes a spatially constant inputHas anyone had this problem, and how can it be solved?Thanks!

I forgot to mention: EFDC Explorer v 8.4 was used

Hello Adithya,This has been fixed in the upcoming version of EE 10.2 which is coming out a little later this month. You should have no more issues with this once you upgrade your software.Thank you,Tom

Hi Tom!Thank you for your reply on this post, and the one on the partition option. Will there be a fix for version 8.4, like a patch of sorts? What do you suggest for those who have the license for a previous version but cannot update till next year?Is there a any kind of a manual fix for this problem, apart from what has already been tried?Thanks a lot,Adithya

Hi Adithya,Please send an e-mail to and we can explore next steps to try and help you overcome this issue.In general we do not release patches for older versions of EFDC_Explorer. Primarily this is because EFDC_Explorer 8 and earlier versions were written in Visual Basic 6, which was retired by Microsoft in 2008. As a result, EFDC_Explorer 10 and later versions were built using the C# .NET framework, and we no longer have the capacity to provide updates or patches for these older versions written in VB 6.Thank you,Tom