Runtime error

My water quality model can be run smoothly in EE-4 while not in the EE-7,in EE-7,at the beginning the run, the model promot is “floating are divided by zero”,so what should i do? thank you.


I am not sure what happened there really. It might be that some of the options in EFDC version 7 may not support the format of the files created with version 4. I think you can try to create the model again in the EFDC version 7 as you will have most of the data available to do that. Trying to load the same files might have created that.

You can also check on Hydrodynamics tab --> Modify – > Turbulent Intensity --> Vertical Turbulence limiting options and change the option to “Limit Length Scale and Limit RIQMAX” if it is not selected by default and try to run again.

I hope it helps.


Thank you very much.