Running SEDZLJ submodel

Hi, I am a new user of the EFDC, and I am trying to figure out how to run the SEDZLJ submodel. I understand that this submodel has not been fully integrated yet, and Explorer cannot create, edit, or view the input data. I looked through the SEDZLJ user manual, and I know the format of the input files. If I manually create these files, how do I tell EFDC_Explorer where to look for these files?

Any help would be really appreciated.


You can just put the file in the project folder – EE will correctly copy the SEDZLJ file automatically for recent versions (EE7 and onward). However, you will need to look at code of SEDZLJ as there are several different versions and may not be the same as outlined in the user manual.

Thank you for your response. I also read your response to talon3499’s question, and I understand that the different versions you are referring to include SNL, Sea Engineering, and EPA. I used the “SNL-EFDC: Sediment Transport User Manual” to get the templates for my input files (erate.sdf, core_field.sdf, and bed.sdf), and I am using the most recent version of EFDC-DSI, with EFDC_Explorer7.1. Should I anticipate compatibility and, if not, are there other resources/documents (besides just interpreting the source code) that show us the required input format? When you suggested looking at the code of SEDZLJ, how can I access this? I downloaded the SNL-EFDC code separately, but how I access the actual source code that EFDC_Explorer is calling when I select “Use SEDZLJ Sediment Model” in the “Active Modules” tab? Thanks!

EFDC_DSI uses the SNL SDZLJ file formats. However, there may be some small differences between what is described in the SNL Manual and the actual code. As a FULL user of EFDC_Explorer we can provide you with the source code of EFDC_DSI which you will need to review to determine if there are any possible differences.

Thank you for your response. I have looked through the SEDZLJ source code and was able to determine the appropriate input format for erate.sdf, core_field.sdf, and bed.sdf. However, I don’t think these files are actually being read when I run EFDC_Explorer, because the anticipated on-screen outputs (e.g., “SCANNING INPUT FILE: BED.SDF” from the SCANSEDZLJ subroutine) do not show up and output files such as EE_SEDZLJ.OUT do not exist at the end of the simulation. Currently, I am not getting any on-screen errors during the simulation. However, when I go to ViewPlan, I get the message “Bad or Wrong EE_WC file: KB does not match!” When I select “SEDZLJ options” within ViewPlan, I get “Error # 91 was generated by EFDC_Explorer7_1 Object variable or With block variable not set In Routine: ShowData.”

I am making my way through the rest of the SNL-EFDC source code, and from what I understand at the moment, the main variables to turn on the SEDZLJ submodel are LSEDZLJ and IWRSP. Besides choosing “Activate Cohesive Sediments” and “Used SEDZLJ Sediment Model” in the EFDC_Explorer GUI, what are other essential variables to define in the EFDC.INP master control file to ensure that the SEDZLJ subroutines are being used? Also, which cards can be left blank?


Currently the only thing EE does with the SEDZLJ option is to interact with the EFDC.INP files to make sure all the fields are properly set in EFDC.INP. EE does nothing with the SDF files, other than copying them from directory to directory when creating a new run. EFDC_DSI reads the EFDC.INP file and based on the flags set there turns on/off the SEDZLJ option. EFDC_DSI will read and then use the SDF files. EE can post process some of the SEDZLJ variables that are written to the EE_SEDZLJ.OUT file.

Understood, and could you please specify which are the flags in EFDC.inp that are required to turn on the SEDZLJ option?