Run EFDC+ in "no pause" mode

Hi, thanks for the help in running EFDC+ from the Win10 command line. I’ve got that figured out and working now. Here’s the next hurdle. Is there a way to run EFDC+ in “no pause” mode w/o recompiling the program? I would like to use the officially released version as-is if possible, and avoid the hassle of re-compiling myself. Please let me know if this is possible.Thanks,Jim Bowen

Hi Jim,I just need a little clarification:Are you saying that you want EFDC+ to run without the option to pause the run using a keystroke in the command line?Or are you saying you want to run EFDC+ and have it not pause at the end of the run?Tom

Tom, thanks for the reply. It’s the mandatory pause at the end that causes problems. If I could set an option in the EFDC.INP file or do it some other way that would avoid the pause and allow my program to keep going that would be great. Thanks for the help.Jim

Hi Jim,Just change the last line of your batch file to include the “-NOP” command as follows:“C:\Program Files (x86)\DSI\EEMS8.4\x64\EFDCPlus_085_OMP_190331_x64.exe” -NOP -NT4That will make the command window close as soon as the model run finishes.Tom