Restarting Sediment Transport Runs

I am conducting multiple year sediment transport runs. Due to output file size, would prefer to run individual runs separately. What is the best procedure for restarting the water column and sediment bed from previous year runs. It appears that both water column and bed restart files are being generated (e.g. BEDRST.POR, WATRST.SED). Can these files be directly opened during restart, such as the RESTART.INP file. Or do you need to initialize the bed and water column each time using the previous year runs. This would be less desirable as you would lose the sediment boundary conditions. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jeff,

The short answer to your question is yes, simply use the RESTART.INP file.

I had tried that approach prior to sending the original post. I have had no issues using the RESTART.INP for WSE, salt, temp runs, and for water quality runs. However, with the sediment runs with bed morphology on, the program crashes due to negative depth in first time step using the RESTART.INP file. Once again, any help would be appreciated.

Hi Jeff,

Are you using armoring with active parent layering (Sed/Tox/Others tab, Bed Processes tab)? If so, you need to ensure that have disabled the check box titled “Create Armoring Layer from Initial top later at startup”.

Let us know if this helps or not.