Restart questions

I have two questions:

  1. I want to automatically run it once a day, the initial condition is the result of the previous day, but when I start the calculation with restart, the first data in the result file is 0. I don’t know why.
  2. I want to add an overflow weir to the river, but it doesn’t work after I add it. What is the reason?

We tested these models with the EEMS10.3.2 release and found that they are working normally, we have attached two images.

In Figure 1 the left panel is 2DH of WSE and dye of the original model displayed at day 4 after the model run. The right panel model uses a restart file on day 4. You can see that the value of dye and WSE are the same. We are not sure which component you are referring to has the zero value.

In Figure 2 you can see the setting up of the hydraulic structure. We tested the model with two boundaries: upstream flow boundary and downstream open boundary. Dye is assigned at the upstream boundary, and after few days of calculation has flowed to the downstream, so EEMS10.3.2 works normally.

Your model setup needs to ensure that the water level upstream of the hydraulic structure is greater than 235 m. If the water level upstream is less than 235 m, it is clear that water cannot pass through the structure.

1、In theory, when restart is started, the initial traffic should be 808.2499, but it is 0. What is the reason? Does restart need to set other options?

2、I looked at the case of overflow weir on the official website. It sets the overflow weir: the elevation of the grid bottom at the location of the overflow weir is also increased. I set the grid elevation of the overflow weir position to be flat, and the overflow weir does not work. Therefore, after setting up the overflow weir, is it necessary to raise the grid elevation at this location?


Hi, jinzhanjun

1-I don’t know how you used the restart file, you can follow the video below and then compare the results on your model. you can see the flow value run directly the model, and using restart is similar.

2- Do not need to do this “after setting up the overflow weir, is it necessary to raise the grid elevation at this location”. The model on the website maybe they use for the culverts so they set the bottom elevation like that, you need to check if the water level is high enough to overcome the elevation threshold of the hydraulic structure elevation, if there are still problems Please upload the model here so I can see it for you

Hi, minhhoa0386
thank you for your detailed answers.

  1. I followed the steps in the video to solve the problem and found the difference between you and me. My steps are: click the grid, then click the time series plot button, and then select the flow option. Then a new doubt appeared: if I follow your method, but the line segment only covers a grid, and then click the water and mass flux plot button, the result is different from the result generated by directly clicking the grid, as shown in the figure Show. I don’t know if my statement is clear.

  2. Let me send you the model, and help set up the overflow weir, Can you tell me your email address? Thank you!

jinzhanjun here are my email address